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I’ve got good news for you. 75% of our longevity is determined by non-biological factors! This means that we have a lot of control over our health span and we can optimize our brain health through our diet.

Give Me the
Straight Fats Guide

Confused about which fats to use? To help you navigate the world of fat, I’ve put together this short guide, so you can make healthy choices and separate fat from fiction.

Annie’s Guide to
Thriving at Home!

Thriving at Home Guide

Let’s face it – we’re home, we are not commuting, there is less waste of time potentially so it’s a really great time to acquire new skills.

Flame out to

Flame Out to Fabulous

No need for Botox ladies! Want to turn back the clock? Feel lighter, brighter and more energetic? Wake up happy and ready to move through another beautiful day?

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