While information is critical to understand a health concern or condition, the implementation of a solution can be daunting. Doing it on your own is lonely,
and solutions can be quickly abandoned from lack of discipline and accountability.

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. I custom design your program and handpick the tools that will best support you. No two people are ever the same, so how could I set you up with a cookie cutter designed solution that wouldn’t serve you?

I combine my analytic skills and years of coaching women like you with my degree
in Holistic Nutrition to find the right way for you.



Coming soon.

Love from our clients

  • I attended a VEEV course led by Annie and found it to be a wonderful addition to my health routine. The workshops focused on all aspects of health from food to exercise to mental wellbeing. I loved this holistic view and gained a lot from it. I particularly liked the sections on diet and how much this adds to your overall health. Annie shapes her workshops to individuals within the group, and everyone really gains from this approach. I would recommend Annie and VEEV to anyone who is looking to move to the next level of health and wellbeing. She is a wonderful teacher and coach, and an inspiration.

    – HEATHER W.

  • Annie is knowledgeable, genuine and non-judgmental. It’s obvious she cares deeply about wellness and supporting the people she works with. I gained renewed energy for my health and well being from my VEEV experience!

    – JEAN M.

  • Annie is a fabulous presenter. She makes the content easy to understand and backs it up with science. Oh and the talks are delivered with Annie’s warm style, which is knowledgeable, passionate, empathetic and dare I say joyous.

    – ALISON B.

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