I support mid-life women by giving them the tools and strategies to take charge of their health, so they are empowered to age with vitality and strength.

You might be like a lot of other women who start experiencing health issues in their 40’s. The result of 20+ years of “adult living” finally catches up with you and it seriously affects the way you show up for yourself, your family and at work.

So, you talk to your (un-informed) girlfriends, maybe your GP, or more likely, “Dr. Google”. Let’s face it, the internet is full of information, but without a good background in human sciences, it’s confusing and quite frankly, often contradictory and overwhelming!

What if someone could help simplify the science, curate the latest research and share it with you in a way that works with YOUR LIFE so that you get your joy back, get your energy back and get your life back?

Hi, I’m Annie.

A licensed holistic nutritionist, wellness coach and guide.

  • Want to have more energy, and introduce activity and exercise into your life
  • Never prioritise self-care with your multiple professional and personal responsibilities
  • Have gained weight and are acutely aware that your nutrition is not optimal
  • Know that, you should use supplements but don’t know where to start
  • Feel emotionally drained and disconnected
  • Lack a purpose as you enter the second half of your life

  • Have your nutrition, activity and purpose dialed in!
  • Are inspired to transcend from exhaustion and complacency about your health
  • Feel in control, and equipped to deal with life’s challenges so you can age well
  • Have new habits that support a healthy lifestyle
  • Feel energized, supported and inspired to have your best life yet

Annie’s journey

05 about journey
Early years

I had a challenging childhood. I experienced numerous health issues growing up which prevented me from being as active as other children, and my Mom struggled with mental health issues, which often left her unavailable to parent.

In my early 20’s I lost my Mom to cancer and one of my brothers, who also struggled with mental illnesses and addiction, to suicide.

It was a very difficult period and all this instability caused me to retreat into what I considered a “safe world’; where I found myself overly obsessed with my career. All work and no play, I woke up in my mid 30’s depleted and out of shape.

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